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Organised Storage offers a range of storage unit sizes for personal, commercial and business needs. Our facility is fully equipped with all the features you need to make moving a hassle free experience.



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Sometimes you just need more space

There’s lots of reasons to rent a storage unit, but there’s also lots of tips and tricks on making the most of the space you rent!

After you have done the basics, such as touring our facility, getting your unique key code for the gate and grabbing a lock for your door, there are a few tips that may come as a surprise.

Here’s our top 8 things we’ve learned, all of which you will thank us for letting you know before you move in and will help make the most of your storage space…

1. Space Planning is the key: Keeping your items off the floor with either a tarp or a dust sheet. This will assure your things stay clean and dry. Try to leave an aisle down the centre of the storage unit for easier access. Leave a small space between the walls and the boxes to allow for air circulation. Pack your truck backward from how you would like your unit packed. A little planning goes a long way!

2. Wrap & Clean What You Can : Wrap what you can in either plastic covers, or in material sheets. That way, your items are covered and it won’t collect dust or stains from your other items while it’s doing time. Items like lawnmowers & whipper snippers should be cleaned, petrol and oil drained and the blades lightly oiled. Batteries should be removed and fridges, freezers and washing machines thoroughly cleaned and dried before storing.

3. Label, Label, Label: Even though you know exactly what you’re putting in your storage unit at the time you open it, that doesn’t mean later when you need to get back in it that you won’t be digging for ages and opening random boxes until you find what you’re after. Label everything. The hidden, the obvious, and you can even go as far as to make a checklist that is placed just inside the door telling you where something might be (back right corner under the desk = cameras to sell on eBay).

4. Plan For Temperature Changes: Although this might not be an issue in Brisbane, there are a few things that don’t like the cold or the heat and should either be double wrapped or well insulated or not stored at all. Electronics, vinyl records, old photos (if humid), things of that nature should be stored carefully. Ask us about our air conditioned units for the really valuable items.

5. Bust Out Your Tetris Skills: Even the smallest storage unit can hold a great deal, just make sure you use the space wisely which means packing things all the way to the ceiling. Bringing in plywood to lay across several boxes can help stabilize layers as you’re stacking it up, up and up! It will take the pressure off the tops of your boxes and help keep things safe. Stack heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on top.

6. The types of friends you don’t want: All of our units are cleaned between tenants and we do our upmost to keep pests at bay, however we still ask all our tenants not to store any sort of food items as it will attract unwanted pests. We recommend you vacuum your lounge, clean stoves or cooking equipment like BBQ’s, drain refrigerators and washing machines (and leave slightly ajar), remove vacuum cleaner bags and do not store living things like plants or perishable goods/food stuffs like wheat bags, scented candles or soaps. Go over the top and use your own pest control items like camphor balls, dryer sheets or naphthalene flakes.

7. Protect The Space: While you’re concerned about protecting what you put in the unit, protecting the unit itself is also important – there can be fines for scarring the unit during your tenancy. If you rent one to use for, say, your motor bike engine rebuild or your restoration business, make sure to plastic off the walls and floors to catch glue drips and sprays.

8. What not to store in a storage unit: Self-storage units are a good solution for storing all kinds of things: furniture, books, clothes, garden furniture and cats. What? No, your cat definitely falls into the category “What not to store in a storage unit”. For safety reasons, you can’t store hazardous materials such as toxic or flammable products. So fuel, gas, oil, paint, explosives, fireworks, chlorines, acids and corrosive waste are all on the list. Similarly, dangerous and illegal items such as weapons and ammunition also don’t belong in a storage unit.

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If it’s worth storing it’s worth insuring…

A common mistake is to assume your goods are covered under your current Home & Contents or Business insurance policy whilst in storage. Quite often your insurer will provide only limited cover for a defined period of time. We highly recommend insuring your goods. Your goods are not automatically insured when they are stored with us. The goods you place in storage are yours and remain your sole responsibility. You should always have them covered by insurance. For more information, or to take out insurance cover, speak with one of our friendly staff members at Organised Self Storage, who can organise immediate cover on the spot for you.

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All the Right Moves…

A smooth move all comes down to planning. Planning will enable you to make you transition into your storage unit as stress free as possible. All our clients will receive a free WELCOME PACK on sign up. If you need further assistance we are just an email or phone call away

If you are moving yourself, practice safe lifting techniques and do not try to lift heavy items on your own. Pack your vehicle safely for the journey, do not overload the vehicle and check tyres, oil and water before you leave.

However if you are looking for reliable Furniture Removalists that Brisbane trusts, you can be assured this removal service will treat your belongings with the highest regard. We recommend Platinum Furniture Removalist

Ask the professional customer service team at Organised Self Storage to help you choose a space that best suits your needs. An efficiently packed small space will cost less than a larger space. If you frequently use the space, a larger space with well organised racks and file boxes may be more convenient. At Organised Self Storage we help you customise your storage cabinets to meet your specific needs.

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The Un-breakables – Packing Materials to protect your valuables

When it comes to your belongings, not every item can take a licking and keep on ticking. Some of your possessions, such as dishes, mirrors, pictures, vases and antiques, can be easily broken when you’re moving or storing them if you don’t take special precautions. To make sure your belongings are in the same condition when you’re ready to use them again, stock up on these packing materials at Organised Self Storage Box Shop:

1. The Right Boxes : If you want to keep your most fragile items safe, size does matter. A few small breakable items could be crushed in a large box that is overloaded. Likewise, if you have a valuable large item such as a TV or other electronics, you want to make sure your box is a tad larger than the item itself. We sell boxes designed for all sized items you’re trying to move. Fill boxes to capacity as partially full or bulging boxes may collapse. Packing and labelling room by room makes the unpacking much easier, and also if you need to find something in storage.

2. Protective Padding: If a box is too empty, your possessions will move around inside and possibly break. Bubble wrap (available to purchase) will serve the purpose of preventing fragile items from shifting inside a box. You can also get creative and use towels, pillows, comforters and blankets as top-of-the-box filler. Filling gaps in a box also will prevent the top of the box from sinking in if other boxes are placed on it.

3. Cardboard Dividers and packing paper : If fragile items such as glassware are simply placed inside of a regular box, they can rub together and break or chip during transport. Boxes that have partitions or cardboard dividers let you store several fragile objects while giving each one room to breathe. The more padding between your fragile items and your storage containers, the better. Use tissue paper to protect bowls, plates, mugs and other dishes.

4. Storing materials : Store clothing on hanging racks in a port-a-robe to help prevent creasing. Cover mattresses, couches and upholstered dining room chairs in plastic covers to help protect the materials whilst in storage. A variety of packing materials are available at Organised Self Storage. Don’t place heavy or sharp objects on top of upholstered furniture.

5. Marking pen : One of the most important things you should do is note which boxes contain fragile items. If you’re moving, you want to differentiate your fragile possessions from everything else. If you’re storing fragile items in a storage unit, you might forget where the breakable the items are. Not only should you write “fragile” on boxes containing delicate items, but you might even want to go a step further and write “do not cut” on the packing tape to prevent box-cutter damage.

Store your belongings with confidence.
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